Although now located in South Carolina, Bare Necessities Farm began in 1998 as a 15-acre mini-farm located in beautiful Southern Maryland, an hour outside of the nation's capitol, Washington, D.C.  

   We loved our little place in Md where we had carved out our "paradise" from virtually a wooded lot, adding kennels, a greenhouse, vegetable plot, numerous outbuildings, a stable, paddocks and grazing fields.  It was perfect as we moved from newly weds onward.  But, when Marty's retirement began to loom, we felt it prudent to begin our search for a place further south where life was slower, taxes weren't so steep, and land was more open and plentiful. 

    Today, Bare Necessities Farm - South, sits on 30-acres of rolling land in SC and boasts a 6-stall 80' x 150' barn with three run-in paddocks, a very small indoor arena for training, a round pen, and 23 acres of pasture for grazing.  In addition, there is a 5-stall stable in the back of the property that has a tack room, feed room, wash stall and paddocks.  Around the one-story home, we have two outbuildings, a greenhouse, gardens, and a well-planned chicken village!   

   At BNFS, we specialize in breeding and showing several varieties of Polish bantam chickens plus tolbunt Polish large-fowl chickens. We also have a few other breeds of chickens in our laying flock, and turkeys, peafowl, and guineas all hang out here, too. In addition, other animals roam and enjoy the farm. Horses, dogs, and cats live here in a safe and clean environment. We are always discovering new life on our farm and enjoying the antics of our animals. Visit our Blog to read about the fun and interesting activities around our farm, and the What's Up page will give upcoming events and important news, too, so don't forget to check that out.

Thanks for visiting our farm.  Come back often because the only thing one can ever count on is change and it applies here, too!  Have a great day.

Gretchen Bare

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