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Bare Necessities Farm exclusively breeds Polish chickens.  Although we have experience with many other breeds, Polish, with their dazzling headdress and colors, have always held a special place in our hearts.  We have four varieties of bantam Polish plus the tolbunt variety of large fowl. We are breeding to standard and will continue showing the majority of the varieties at local and national venues.  Click on any of the links below for basic information, photos, and our experience with the birds.  Most links are active, a few under construction, and some a bit outdated for the moment. They will be updated very soon. Please try to visit them all!  It is well worth the time as these birds are all very beautiful and unusual. 

Polish Bantams

White-crested black & cuckoo


buff-laced Polish

Polish Large Fowl


Below, I've posted a few photos of our laying-hen house.  There is where our flock of several pure breed hens reside with their rooster.  They are purely for our enjoyment and for their rainbow-colored egg production.