Bare Necessities Farm is home to seven cats.  We have cats that live in the house with us, and cats that live at the stable.  Three of our cats can't decide where they want to live, so they're in and out constantly!  Our cats are all very personable; we have two that even ride around with us in our Kawasaki Mule.  So fun!  Here they are, and as with the dog page, there are numerous photos, so it'll take time to load.  Be patient, it's worth every second.
I LOVE calico cats!
Here are our three girls playing at the stables
Feeding time in the tack & feed room at the stable.
Pssst!  Don't believe anything they say ... they're telling tails!  Ha!
Asia on the stable roof and in a tree.  She is quite the active kitty!
This is Annabelle, one of our three calicos.  She was the first to join our stable.  She and her sister, Confetti (shown below), were given to us by a local Mennonite family.  We found out when we brought them in to be spayed, that they were both pregnant!
Annabelle's sister, Confetti, with her beautiful litter of kittens!
The full-time stable residents (l. to r.) Asia and Ember.  Asia is a calico baby from Confetti's litter and Ember is the only kitty born to Annabelle.
Our pretty Ember girl,
a tortoishell.
Did you know that calico and tortoishell cats are always female?  Cats' color is carried on the sex chromosome X.  A male cat has one X and one Y and a female, two Xs.  Therefore, only female cats can have the two basic colors of red and black.  Males only have one X chromosome, so can only have one basic coat color.
This is Q, a lovely-marked tabby cat male.  He was brought home as a small kitten by one of our collies!  How could we resist keeping him when our collie girl had adopted him for herself.  Until the collie's death a few years later, Q always "nursed" from her and curled up in her long, thick coat to keep warm.  He missed her terribly when she was gone.
Q is a master at finding "thickets" in which to hide before ambushing his "prey" (usually another cat or one of the dogs).
The last few photos are of our house cats, Percy and Cotton.  Both are Persians and, as you can gleen from the photos, quite lazy! 
I hope you enjoyed meeting our furry, feline friends.  As with all our animals, they are loved and treasured.
So, we let them have their litters, kept two beautiful kitties, and found excellent homes for the rest.