Welcome!  On this page, you'll see some beautiful and some not so beautiful (but still interesting) birds.  We breed muscovy ducks (featured on a different page) and peafowl, but are also home to other varieties of ducks, several geese, a pheasant. and even a female emu.  Enjoy the photos and information we've shared below.  Thanks for visiting!
Meet Ed.  Ed is a saddleback Pomeranian gander and the ruler of our small gaggle of geese.  Generally, he's a mellow fellow, but watch out when it's breeding season!
This is Stanley, loving up to a friend. He is a white Chinese gander and the nicest goose I've ever met!
The two geese on the left and below are grey & white sebastopols.  They are beautiful geese that grow very long, curly body feathers.  These are both juveniles with lots of growing yet to do.
Have you ever seen such a brightly colored pheasant?  Prince is a red-golden pheasant, native to China.  He is a real beaut!
Indian runner ducks make up the majority of this flotilla of ducks.  The darkest and largest two are Cayuga ducks.  All of them are girls and they are flighty, flirty and fun!  I wish I could document in photos just how hysterical they are when they run with their bowling pin shaped bodies.  Suffice it to say, everyone who comes to visit gets a good chuckle out of watching these girls.
This is Esmerelda, one of three black-shouldered peahens we have here at Bare Necessities Farm.  She was just old enough to lay in the summer of 2009.  From her first clutch, we kept a little boy we named Jonathan.
This is Jonathan in his baby plummage. Peacocks don't get full length on their tail feathers until they're at least three years old.
Travers is our black-shouldered peacock, daddy to Jonathan and mate to Esmerelda and her two black-shouldered peafriends.  Travers's tail, when in full feather, reaches a height just shy of 6'.  Wow! 
Imagine meeting this bird face-to-face, literally.  Curlie is an Australian emu and stands over 5' tall.  She is quite intimidating to those she doesn't know and is the guardian of our property.  Emus are great defenders and will tear with their legs and feet at those that threaten them.  While wandering around the farm, you will most certainly hear her call....a low, deep drumming.  It is a very unique sound, as she is also a very unique bird.  No, she does not fly, but runs on those extreamly long legs of hers. 
Curlie as a baby.
Relaxing in the front yard.
Hope you enjoyed our feathered fowl.  Please don't forget to visit our muscovy and chickens through the links to their pages.
Ed with one of the brown Chinese girls.