Adding the horses in 2004 was a big challenge!  We had to fence in two paddocks, build a stable, and clear some land for a grazing field.  Currently four horses and two mini horses complete our stable.
    Godiva has been residing here the longest.  She is a registered APHA breeding stock mare, solid black except for a wide blaze on her face.  It's funny.  She is a registered paint horse with no spots and we have three registered Tennessee Walking Horses - all of whom are spotted!  Her breeders had a sense of humor about it, too...her registered name is Dreamt I Had Color!
The Little Hilltop Stable
We added this tack & feed room to the right side of the stable in 2008
Inside of the tack & feed room .... tack on the left, feed on the right.
    The last two residents are mini-horses.  Cole is a gelding, approximately 30" and is broke to drive.  He is a dynamo in harness and a blast to drive!  Ella is a lovely mare, smaller than Cole by an inch.  She hasn't been broke to do anything, but be spoiled!  We hope to get her under harness at some point in the future.
Charlotte, as a two-year-old
Always a character!  Charlotte rolling in a foot of snow.
Our other three horses, as I've just mentioned, are walkers, which makes them easy-gaited horses.  They don't trot; they all perform a running walk, which is a very smooth gait to sit.  The oldest of these horses is Pax, my personal mount.  He is an 11-year-old, black and white gelding with a gentle, yet spirited, demeanor.  Then there is Jenna, my husband's horse.  She is sometimes a cantankerous mare, but is a dependable, sure-footed mount that has always gone out of her way to make certain Marty never hits the ground off her.  Jenna is mainly black with a few small white spots and four stockings.  Last is Charlotte, who is Jenna's 2007 foal.  She will be trained under saddle in the spring of 2010, after which she will probably be offered for sale to a "perfect for Charlotte" home.
Godiva, enjoying late summer grazing
Marty on Godiva
Godiva makes a wonderful guest horse!
Pax, such a handsome gelding!
Pax and Jenna - best buddies
Pax and Charlotte
Pax and Charlotte
That's me riding Jenna when she was at the trainer's in Virginia
Jenna being schooled in our arena by a
future Olympiad!
    In closing, I'd like to say that Marty and I heartily enjoy riding the trails on our lovely horses.  There is nothing better than a ride through woods, along beaches, traversing hills, maneuvering streams and crossing bridges.  Being one with your horses is an experience to which every one should be privy!  We are not “show” people, although some of our horses have been shown by friends and friend’s daughters.  Godiva especially has attended shows and our tack room is filled with her ribbons.  I wish everyone the chance to get to know a horse!
I hope you enjoyed our stables!
Baby Charlotte