Polish : The Buff-Laced Pens
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Purpose: OrnamentalSize: (Bantam) Cock 30 oz, Hen 26 ozComb: V-ShapedBroodiness: SeldomClimate Tolerance: All ClimatesEgg Productivity: Medium HighEgg Size: MediumEgg Color: White, buffOrigin: Holland

My observations of and experience with this breed:  Polish are by far my favorite breed of chicken.  Although not nearly as friendly and calm as some of my other breeds, Polish are gorgeous!  They come in so many colors and patterns and after watching them for a while, you'd swear they know they're beautiful!  The love to strut their stuff around the chickenyard.  The frizzled variety of chicks are adorable and no one can resist picking one up to cuddle.  I have several colors of bantam Polish, so please try to visit them all - it is well worth the time!

I have two buff-laced pens.  The first one has a smooth rooster over three frizzle hens and the 2nd has a frizzle rooster over three smooth hens.
These pens produce both smooth and frizzle buff-laced chicks at a 50/50 ratio.
Buff-laced frizzle rooster
Smooth buff-laced hen
Smooth buff-laced hen
Smooth buff-laced hen and her frizzle buff-laced mate
Smooth buff-laced rooster. (Sorry, his crest was wet!)
Would you believe all three of these photos are three different girls!? My "triplet" buff-laced frizzle hens.
The same girls, only at younger ages.