Tolbunt Polish
Purpose: OrnamentalSize: Cock 6 lbs, Hen 4.5 lbsComb: V-ShapedBroodiness: SeldomClimate Tolerance: All Climates
Egg Productivity: MediumEgg Size: MediumEgg Color: WhiteOrigin: Holland

My observations of and experience with this breed:  !As with my bantam Polish, tolbunts are a little on the flighty side, but not ever aggressive.  These birds are absolutely BREATHTAKING!  The tolbunt coloring in Polish is very rare.  Because of that, the gene pool is limited, resulting in lower egg fertility and vigor.  I am currently engaged in a project with other Maryland breeds, to improve this by means of selective outcrossing.  Results won't be seen for several years, though, but we are hopeful that success is around the corner.

This pen consists of three frizzle tolbunt hens, three smooth tolbunt hens, two smooth gold-laced hens (to be added in the summer of 2010), and two smooth tolbunt roosters.

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Roosting tolbunt hens; three frizzles and three smooths
Smooth tolbunt hens
This is a frizzled tolbunt chick from the summer of 2009.  Although tolbunts are absolutely breathtaking as adults, I find the young chicks a little on the ugly side!
This pen of tolbunts is just settling in for the night.  Some have roosted and others are still on the ground beginning to wind down.  This pen consists of four frizzled hens, three smooth hens and two smooth roosters.  Can you see them all in this mass of feathers?  (The gold-laced hens were added after this photo was taken.)
Look at the curl on these frizzled tolbunt hens compared to the smooth!  Wow!
More smooth tolbunt hens in the chickenyard at Bare Necessities Farm
My two gold-laced girls...looking quite alert.
Smooth tolbunt roosters.