Yes!  You're right.  We DO have alot of dogs! (Cats, too, so visit our feline friends page, to meet them.)  And, we love and treasure each and every one of them.  Enjoy their photos...there are many, many of them.  Please be patient while the page loads.  Thanks!
These are two of our Chinese cresteds.  The white powder puff girl is Kira, the hairy hairless is Merlin.  They are the best of friends and can often be seen snuggling up with one another. 
Merlin's a handsome little devil, isn't he? 
Kira in her summer haircut!
Even in the winter, Merlin likes to be outdoors with me while I am doing chores.
And that brings us to Gus.  Gus is our clear red miniature pinscher male.  He is a character! 
Gus likes to help me do the chores, too.  Here he is peeking out of the cat door in the tack room
Isn't Gus handsome in his sweater?
I never did find out what scent he caught that caused him to dig, and dig, and dig ....
Oh, and he likes to ride horses!
This is our, as yet unnamed, harlequin pinscher girl.  She will be joining our family at the beginning of March 2010.  Any suggestions for names?
I DO hope you enjoyed seeing all the great photos of our dogs.  We love all these guys and they are an integral part of life at Bare Necessities Farm.